FAQ - Can I open a DrawPlus file in an older version of the product?

Serif Software > DrawPlus
Applies to: DrawPlus X3, DrawPlus X4, and above

DrawPlus X3 was the first version of DrawPlus to use the new XML file format and so all versions from X3 onwards will be able to open files made in later versions.

You can open an X4 file in X3, but all new objects and features introduced in X4 will be stripped from the file. As such, it is recommended that you save the file to a new file name using X3 so that the original version does not lose its X4 features permanently.

This will be true of all future releases (X5 and onwards) which also use the XML file format.

All versions of DrawPlus continue to be backwards compatible, so newer versions can still load files from older versions.