FAQ - Can I prevent people from right-clicking on a website page made in WebPlus?

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This article is now archived. Please visit the Prevent site visitors from right-clicking pages in your WebPlus website tutorial on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

Applies to: WebPlus X4 and above

You can insert a script into your WebPlus website that will prevent visitors from being able to right-click on your web pages. You can find a suitable script online, from a website such as Dynamic Drive:

Once you have found the script that you want to use, you should place it on the master page(s) in your WebPlus website by following these steps:
  1. In the Site tab, double-click the master page you want to add the script to. An eye will appear next to the page icon to show that it is now the viewed page
  2.  On the Standard toolbar, click "Attach HTML to page"
  3. The provider of the script you want to use should tell you where in the HTML to insert it. It will usually need to be inserted into the <BODY> section but please read the instructions you were given carefully.
  4. Copy your script to the clipboard
  5. In the Source view, find the line which says <!--Master Page Body Start--> - click to place a flashing cursor after this text and then press Enter/Return to start a new line
  6. Paste the script onto this new line using:
    • Edit > Paste
    • Paste button on the Standard toolbar
    • Ctrl+v
  7. Click the Design View button on the Context toolbar to return to the normal page view to continue designing your website
Note: WebPlus options are based on WebPlus X4. May differ for other product versions.

Note: These scripts can be overcome by the site visitor disabling scripts in their browser. This is not a reliable way to prevent users from accessing right-click activities such as saving images.