Troubleshooting - When printing a publication, some objects are missing or don't look as expected

Serif Software > PagePlus
Applies to: Any version of PagePlus

Problem: When printing a publication, some objects are missing from or don't look as expected in the printout.

Resolution: Many common printing problems can be resolved by rasterizing the entire page when printing.
  1. Go to File > Print
  2. Choose all the options you require from the Print dialog
  3. Click "More Options" to show the additional print options (if they are not already visible)
  4. Click Rasterize in the options list
  5. Uncheck "Auto rasterize"
  6. Check "Rasterize entire page"
Note: Rasterizing the entire page can make printing the publication take longer than it would otherwise.

Note: In PagePlus X4 and below, the Rasterize options can be found on the Prepress tab of the Print dialog

Note: PagePlus 11 and older do not have the "Auto rasterize page" option, so step 3 can be skipped in that case.

Note: If you are not happy with the quality of the print result when using the "Rasterize entire page" option, try increasing the Rasterize Resolution on the Prepress tab.