Troubleshooting - Since installing PhotoPlus, all of my images now open in PhotoPlus when I double-click them

Serif Software > PhotoPlus
Applies to: Any version of PhotoPlus

Problem: Since installing PhotoPlus, double-clicking on image files on your PC causes the images to open in PhotoPlus instead of the program they used to open in before installing PhotoPlus.

Resolution: During the PhotoPlus install, there is a File Associations step at which point you can choose which file types you would like PhotoPlus to open when you double-click them. If some of your image types are now opening in PhotoPlus then they must have been ticked at this stage during the install. To resolve this:
  1. From the Windows Start Menu, choose Control Panel
  2. From Control Panel, select:
    Windows XP - Add or Remove Programs
    Windows Vista / 7 - Uninstall a program
  3. Select your version of PhotoPlus from the list
  4. Click Change
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Modify
  7. Click Next until the File Associations screen appears
  8. Uncheck all the file types that you do not want to open with PhotoPlus when you double-click them


  9. Click Next until the final screen, then press Finish
All file types will now be disassociated from PhotoPlus. If you previously used some other custom program to open any of those file types, you will now need to reassociate that file type with the required program.

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