Troubleshooting - Navigation Bars don't appear when editing a web site

Serif Software > WebPlus > WebPlus X4
Applies To: WebPlus X4

Problem: When editing a web site in WebPlus X4, the Navigation Bars don't appear correctly on the page. Instead of seeing the chosen Navigation Bar, there is a purple box with a dashed lined around it.

Resolution: If WebPlus encounters a problem when trying to generate a Navigation Bar preview, you will be asked whether the previews should be disabled. If you have pressed Yes, then this problem will occur. To resolve this problem you should enable Navigation Bar previews by following these steps:
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options
    Click the Options button on the Context toolbar
  2. In the Options dialog, choose the Layout section
  3. Put a check next to Preview Navigation Bars

  4. Press OK