Troubleshooting - The QuickTime VR movie I've exported does not play correctly on 64-bit Windows

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Problem: After exporting a panorama as a QuickTime VR movie, the movie does not play correctly in QuickTime Player; the QuickTime window is black or empty

Resolution 1: Some older versions of QuickTime did not support 64-bit Windows and so VR movies would fail to play. The latest version of QuickTime (7.6 or above) now supports 64-bit Windows so this problem can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest version from Apple's website:

Resolution 2: If you can't update your version of QuickTime, follow these steps to get your older version to show a VR movie correctly:
  1. Go to Start > All Programs > QuickTime
  2. Right-click on the QuickTime Player shortcut and choose "Troubleshoot compatibility"
  3. The Program Compatibility window will open and the "Detecting issues" process will start, followed by "Resolving issues":
  4. When the "Select troubleshooting option" menu appears, click on "Try recommended settings":
  5. Click the "Start the program..." button
  6. Depending on your account settings, a User Account Control prompt might appear. If it does, click Yes:
  7. Once QuickTime Player has started successfully, open your QuickTime VR movie and confirm that it now plays correctly
  8. Back on the "Test compatibility settings for the program" window, click Next
  9. Choose "Yes, save these settings for this program"
  10. Further compatibility issues may be detected depending on the other programs that you have installed. Regardless, click Close on the final screen.

Note: If you saw a User Account Control prompt at step 6, from now on you will always see that same prompt whenever you open QuickTime Player and you will need to click Yes to allow the program to run.

Note: A Basic Windows theme will be enabled temporarily when you run QuickTime Player in compatibility mode, which means that your windows will stop being transparent if you usually use an Aero theme. When you close QuickTime Player, your previous theme will be re-enabled automatically.

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