How To - Register your Serif product

Serif Software
This article is now archived. Please visit the Registering Serif products article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.
Applies to: Any Serif product
Universal Registration Key

Serif customers no longer need to register their legacy software by phone or online. Any legacy software (PagePlus, WebPlus, DrawPlus, PhotoPlus etc) that requests a registration key (as described in detail below) can use this Universal Registration Key (instead of needing one that is specific to your installation as suggested below).

...that's it, just type that and the registration dialog will go away.
Background: Up until May 2018, Serif insisted that customers register their software to get support, but now all legacy support is provided here on CommunityPlus it no longer makes any sense to insist on registration. Serif have always had a universal registration key for the QA team to use as part of the testing, and we have realised that by making this number public, anyone can make the registration dialog go away without needing to call us or creating online legacy accounts that we were not using. Please note, nobody outside of the programming and QA team knew that "magic" universal key/number even existed, until about 3 months ago.
The replies in this thread have been left here for historical reference only. You should no longer follow these instructions in the replies. Just use the number above (881887) when prompted for your registration key.