Troubleshooting - MoviePlus crashes when I burn a DVD or import / export as QuickTime (.mov) format

Serif Software > MoviePlus
Applies to: MoviePlus 5, MoviePlus X3

When burning a DVD, adding a QuickTime (.mov) file to a project, or choosing QuickTime (.mov) format from the Export As File Type list, MoviePlus crashes

This problem is caused by a faulty installation of QuickTime which has not removed the files from an older QuickTime version. To resolve the problem, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Run or Search box on the Start Menu
  2. For 32-bit Windows type:

    Or for 64-bit Windows type:
  3. Press the OK button or press Enter/Return on the keyboard
  4. The system32 folder should now open, in which there should be a folder called QuickTime
  5. Right-click on the QuickTime folder and choose rename
  6. Rename the folder to QuickTime.old
You should now be able to export to QuickTime format successfully.