Troubleshooting - PagePlus crashes when I use the Gallery tab or open a publication

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Applies to: PagePlus X4

Problem: When clicking on the Gallery tab or opening an existing publication, PagePlus crashes.

Resolution 1: There was a problem with the 14.0.3 patch which meant that your Gallery content could become corrupt when adding more than one text object to a category. To ensure that this does not occur, install the latest patch (14.0.4 or above). See the article below for more details.

Resolution 2:
If you already have some corrupt content in your Gallery tab, you will need to remove the files that are causing the crash by following these steps:
  1. Ensure that PagePlus X4 is closed
  2. On your keyboard, press Windows key + R (the Windows key is between Ctrl and Alt in the bottom left corner of the keyboard)
  3. The Run box should open, into it type %appdata%
  4. Press OK
  5. A Windows Explorer window will open showing your application data folder. From there, browse to Serif > PagePlus > 14.0 > Gallery
  6. Make a new folder on your Desktop
  7. Move all folders and files from the Gallery folder into the new folder on your Desktop, leaving the Gallery folder entirely empty
  8. Check that PagePlus X4 no longer crashes when you use the Gallery tab or open your publication.
  9. If you had more than one category in your Gallery tab, it is possible that not all of them are corrupt. To check if any of the categories are still valid, move each folder from your Desktop back into the Gallery folder one at a time and try the Gallery tab after each one. In this way, you may be able to identify which files cause the crash and remove only those ones.
  10. Once your Gallery tab is working correctly again, you can delete the new folder and its contents from your Desktop. You can then rebuild your My Designs section.
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