Troubleshooting - When I publish to PDF, the l (lower case L) characters in the PDF look bold

Serif Software > PagePlus
Affects: Any version of PagePlus

Problem: After publishing to PDF, lower case L letters in a sans serif font appear very bold in the resulting PDF.

Text in PagePlus:

Text in PDF:

Resolution: This issue usually occurs because you have chosen "Convert text to outlines" when publishing to PDF. You may have noticed that the text looks fine if you zoom in far enough in your PDF reader program. What you are seeing are artifacts or aliasing caused when the outlines are drawn.


Most fonts use a technology know as hinting to help them draw well at low resolutions. Once the text is converted to curves, hinting is not possible. Unless there is good reason not to, it is usually preferable to embed the fonts your document needs rather than converting the text to outlines. This will allow the text to remain as actual text, meaning the end result will be searchable and will draw better at all zoom levels.

On the Advanced tab of the Publish PDF dialog, ensure that you uncheck the "Convert text to outlines" option before publishing: