Troubleshooting - When I choose the User Guide option from the Startup Wizard, the User Guide does not open

Serif Software > PhotoPlus > PhotoPlus X4
Affects: PhotoPlus X4 (US installs only)

Problem: When clicking the User Guide link on the Startup Wizard, the User Guide does not open:

Resolution: There is a mistake in the US Learning which can be corrected by following these steps:
  1. Save to your Desktop
  2. Find the Tutorials folder in your PhotoPlus install location. By default this will be as below, unless you chose to install to a custom location:
    32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Serif\PhotoPlus\X4\Tutorials
    64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Serif\PhotoPlus\X4\Tutorials
  3. Close PhotoPlus X4 if it was open
  4. Unzip the file local.xml from inside the downloaded ZIP and copy/move it into the Tutorials folder
  5. When asked whether to overwrite the existing file, choose Yes to overwrite