Troubleshooting - Digital Scrapbook Artist crashes when I use Export As Image

Serif Software > Digital Scrapbook Artist > Digital Scrapbook Artist 2
Applies to: Digital Scrapbook Artist 2

Problem: When choosing File > Export > Export As Image, Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 crashes

Resolution 1: The problem can be caused by a lack of memory. To resolve this, reboot your PC and try exporting again.

Resolution 2: The problem can be caused by some incorrect registry values. To resolve this, follow these instructions:
  1. Choose the ZIP file appropriate to your version of Windows and save it to your Desktop
    32-bit (x86) -
    64-bit (x64) -
  2. Extract the registry file from inside the ZIP
  3. Double-click the registry file to run it
  4. When asked if you would like to add the information to your registry, choose Yes.