Troubleshooting - "Failed to load file" error message when I insert a TIF file

Serif Software > WebPlus > WebPlus X4
Applies to: WebPlus X4

Problem: When inserting a TIF file, the message "Failed to load file" appears and the image does not insert.

Resolution 1: This problem can be caused by the PhaseOne CaptureOne program being installed. It attempts to load the TIF file for WebPlus but it fails. To resolve this, ensure you have installed the latest update for WebPlus X4 (12.0.5 or above).

Resolution 2: If you are still experiencing problems after installing the latest update, follow the instructions below:
  1. Close WebPlus X4
  2. Save the ZIP file that is appropriate to your version of Windows:
  3. Unzip the registry file from inside the ZIP file
  4. Double-click the registry file and choose "Yes" when prompted to add the information to your registry
WebPlus should now be able to import the TIF file successfully.