FAQ - Where do I find my Product Key?

Serif Software
This article is now archived. Please visit the Locate your product key article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

When installing your Serif product, you may require a Product Key. This can be found in one of three locations:
  1. On a label on the back/inside of the product case
  2. On the dispatch note/invoice that came with your order
  3. In your Serif account
    1. Go to www.serif.com in your browser
    2. Login to your account by selecting the option in the top right right corner
    3. Once you've logged in, click the Your Account link that appears in the top right
    4. Under the My Orders section, click the View Product Keys link
If you cannot find your Product Key in any of the above locations, please contact our Customer Services department to request a replacement.
Note: Your Product Key is not used for registering your Serif product. If you are being asked to register when you run your product, please see the article below.
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