FAQ - Can I edit a PDF in PagePlus?

Serif Software > PagePlus
Applies to: PagePlus 11 and above

The ability to edit PDFs was first introduced in PagePlus 11 and has seen many improvements in new versions of PagePlus since then.

You can open a PDF file in the same way that you would open a PagePlus publication (PPP) file:
  • From the File > Open dialog
  • From the Startup Wizard > Open Saved Work dialog
If you have already created a PagePlus publication and want to insert the contents of a PDF into that publication, you can also do this:
  • From the Insert menu, select PDF File
You can now edit the contents of the PDF file just as you would a normal publication. The file can be saved as a PagePlus publication (PPP) file for editing at a later date. It can also be printed, exported or published in the same way as a normal publication.

For more specific details on PDF editing, see the documentation provided with your version of PagePlus.