FAQ - Can I capture video from a hard drive (HDD) or DVD camcorder using MoviePlus?

Serif Software > MoviePlus > MoviePlus X3
Applies to: MoviePlus X3

Downloading files from HDD/DVD camcorders is a new feature in MoviePlus X3 and can be achieved from the Media Pane.
  1. Choose the Project or Library tab in the Media Pane, depending on whether you want to save a reference to the files from the camcorder in just the current project or for all projects
  2. Click the Add Media button
  3. Click the Download button
  4. Choose your camcorder from the Devices dialog
  5. Click Browse to choose from which folder on the device you want to capture files.
  6. Choose a Destination folder on your computer to copy the files to.
  7. Click to select the files you want to copy
  8. Press Finish