Troubleshooting - "The handle is invalid " message when saving a file

Serif Software
Applies to: Some versions of PagePlus X5 and lower, WebPlus X5 and lower

Problem: When saving a file, you receive the error message "Failed to save publication. The handle is invalid"

This problem may occur if another program on your computer is scanning the copy of the file that is created in your temporary folder as part of the save process.

Resolution 1: If you are using WebPlus X5, ensure you are using the 13.0.2 update or higher.

Resolution 2: If you are using PagePlus X5, ensure you are using the 15.0.5 update or higher.

Resolution 3: Use File > Save As and save your file under a new name. This will not write a temporary copy of the file and so the problem will not occur.

Resolution 4: Temporarily disable the program that is scanning the temporary file. This might be your anti-virus or other security package, a back-up utility, or any other software package that reads newly written files.

Resolution 5: Wait, then try saving again. This will give the other program a chance to stop reading the file.

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