FAQ - Which languages are Serif products available in?

Customer Service
Serif Store
All products in the Serif Store are available in English and some products are also available in French or German. 

For any product that is available in languages other than English, you will see these flag icons in the "Buy" section of the product pages on Serif.com


When purchasing a physical product that is available in multiple languages, you will receive a DVD which contains one install for each language. 

When purchasing a download product that is available in multiple languages, one download link for each language will appear on the order page in your Serif. 

Note: Each product may only be installed in one language at any time. E.g. If you install the French version of a product, you would need to uninstall the French before installing the English or German version.

Partner Stores
Further products in non-English languages are also available from Serif's partners. Please see their sites for details:

Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew and Arabic.