Troubleshooting - Burning to AVCHD fails with "Failed - Disc writing: The operation failed - fatal error"

Serif Software > MoviePlus > MoviePlus X5
Applies to: MoviePlus X5

Problem: When exporting your project to AVCHD, the Export and Render stages finish successfully but the Write stage fails with this message: Failed - Disc writing "The operation failed - fatal error"

Resolution 1: This problem was fixed in the 7.0.2 update, make sure you are using the latest update for MoviePlus X5.

Resolution 2: If installing the 7.0.2 update does not resolve this issue, you may need to reduce the bitrate of your AVCHD export until your computer is able to export it successfully. To do so, follow these instructions:
  1. At the Export Settings screen, click on the appropriate AVCHD export template for your project
  2. Click the Customize button

  3. If the Encoding is set to "Constant bit rate", reduce the Average bitrate value by 1000 kbps (e.g. if the value is 15000 kbps then set it to 14000 kbps).
    If the Encoding is set to "Variable bit rate", reduce the Maximum bitrate value as above (rather than the Average bitrate). Reducing the Maximum will automatically force the Average to decrease to be equal to or less than the Maximum.

  4. Click OK
  5. Save this custom template with an appropriate name so you can identify it again in future
  6. Click Next and continue your export
If the export fails again, repeat the steps above but at step 1 ensure that you select the custom template that you saved in step 5 previously.

If the export succeeds but you are not happy with the video quality, you may wish to try increasing the bitrate in your custom template, but still keeping it less than the value at which it failed before.

Once the export completes successfully and you are happy with the video quality, you can continue to use this custom saved template for future AVCHD exports.

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