Troubleshooting - When I import a PDF the text is broken into many text frames

Serif Software > PagePlus
Applies to: PagePlus X4 and above

Problem: After importing a PDF into PagePlus, some text in the PDF is broken up into many text frames, making it hard to edit the text.

Resolution 1: When importing your PDF, ensure that you choose Flow from the Text Options section of the PDF Import Options dialog. This should ensure that text is grouped into fewer text frames that are easier to edit.

Resolution 2: If your text is still difficult to edit, you can link multiple text frames together which may make them easier to edit.
  1. Select the first text frame that you want to link together
  2. Click the Link button beneath the text frame
  3. Move the mouse cursor over the frame you want to link it to. The cursor will change to a pouring bucket icon
  4. Click on the second text frame; the first frame is now linked to the second frame. The Link button on the first frame will change to a green arrow to indicate that it is linked to a subsequent frame.
  5. Repeat this from the second frame to the third frame and so forth, even from one page to the next, until all the frames you want to edit in sequence are linked together.