Troubleshooting - WebPlus asks to save Asset Packs when not required

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This article is now archived. Please visit the WebPlus asks to save Asset packs when not required article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

Applies to: WebPlus X6

Problem: After using the Asset Browser to select items from existing packs which then appear in the Assets tab, you should not be prompted to save an Asset Pack because you have not created or changed one. Under these circumstances WebPlus will currently ask you if you want to save your Asset Pack, which is not correct behaviour.

Please upgrade to WebPlus X6 14.0.1 or later. For upgrade instructions, see the How To article Check that you have the latest update for your Serif product
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For 14.0.x users, if your Assets tab only contains items added from existing packs using the Browser, you can choose No when prompted to save your Asset Pack.

Note: You will only need to save Asset Pack changes if you have dragged items from the page into the Assets tab and thereby created a new asset or set of assets of your own.