FAQ - How do I cut out my photo?

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Applies to: PhotoPlus X4 and above.

Cutout Studio, a dedicated studio environment included in PhotoPlus, is great for separating the subject of a photo from its background. Cutout Studio works best on photos with well-defined edges and is really useful for removing the background i.e. to give the subject of the photo total focus or to add a new background.

To find out more, you can:

Alternatively, your photo may have lots of intricate detail and tiny areas to cutout, for example fireworks in a nights sky or a canopy of trees. In this case, using Cutout Studio to manually cut out the photo would be extremely time consuming. Fortunately, there is another method, cutting out by colour. This technique works by selecting colours in the background which are then removed.

To find out how to cut out your photos using colour, you can watch this video.

Note: For PhotoPlus versions up to PhotoPlus 10, including X2 and X3, the Extract feature is used instead of Cutout Studio. Consult the Help for your product by typing "extract" in the Help's index.