FAQ - How do I work with layers?

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Applies to: All PhotoPlus versions

Layers are one of the most powerful tools in PhotoPlus and can greatly assist you in your photo editing. Layers are essentially transparent sheets stacked on top of each other and, when viewed together, they form a complete image. A great advantage to using layers is that if you make a mistake or change your mind, you can delete the layer and start again and your original image will be completely unaffected.

Layers - An Introduction

To get to grips with the concept of layers, and discover basic ways that they can be used in your project, you can:

Layers - For Photo Adjustments

To learn about adjustment layers that can be used to apply adjustments to your photos including Brightness and Contrast, Curves and Levels adjustments, you can:

Layers - For Photo Effects

To discover the advantage of using filter layers to non-destructively apply creative effects to your photos, and to find your way around the Filter Gallery, you can: 

Layers - For Adding Text

To find out how to add text to your photos using text layers, you can:

There are lots of other ways you can use layers, and these are discussed in some of the other tutorials and Help topics. Many of the PhotoPlus resources do make reference to layers because they are so versatile and help make the process of photo editing more manageable. It's impossible to list all of these resources here, but you're very likely to come across them when searching for and looking at the topics that are relevant to you.