FAQ - Does PhotoPlus create the Halftone effect?

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Applies to: All PhotoPlus versions

Yes, you can quickly and easily apply the Halftone effect to your image in PhotoPlus. Halftone images are made up of a series of dots, rather than a continuous tone. These dots can have different sizes, colours and shapes.

Halftone images were traditionally used for printing because they required significantly less ink to print than an ordinary image. As long as the resolution was high enough in the original image the dots appeared as a full image to the human eye. The halftone effect is now more popular in its own right as a fun and quirky effect to apply to images.

To apply the Halftone effect, simply follow the steps below:
  • Open your picture in the PhotoPlus workspace
  • From the Effects menu, choose Stylistic and then Halftone.
  • The effect will be applied to your image and you can adjust the settings in the dialog.
  • When you're happy with the effect, click OK.

For more information about this effect and other effects in the Stylistic category, you can read this Help topic.