FAQ – What cookies are generated by sites created in WebPlus?

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Applies to: WebPlus

This FAQ response is intended to help WebPlus users understand which cookies are generated by WebPlus, to allow compliance with 
EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (effective May 2012).

What cookies are generated? 

If added to your page, the following features generate cookies when your WebPlus site is published to the Internet. If the features are not used, there is no compliance issue.

WebPlus Smart Objects (WebPlus X4 and above)

The following Smart Objects create a session cookie (PHPSESSID) which are used to authenticate users and improve performance, and which expire at the end of the visitor's browser session:
  • Active Viewers
  • Blog
  • CMS
  • Forum*
  • Hit Counter
  • NewsPoll
  • Resource Booker
  • Shout Box
  • User List

* An additional session cookie (phpBB) is created by this Smart Object for user authentication and session management.

WebPlus Form Security

The following anti-spamming features each create a session cookie.

  • CAPTCHA Form Control (on a form)
  • CAPTCHA Gateway (Serif Web Resources)

WebPlus Third-party Features

The following third-party features create cookies. Please consult third-party vendor information for privacy information relating to these cookies.

WebPlus 10 and above 

  • PayPal
  • Roman Cart
  • Mal's Cart

WebPlus X2, X4 and above

  • YouTube Video
WebPlus X4 and above
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
WebPlus X6 and above

What happens to Smart Objects if web visitors disable cookies

If cookies are disabled in the web visitor's browser, Smart Objects will stop functioning or will produce unexpected results. As a result, it may be necessary to bear this in mind when preparing any cookie policy for your website.

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