Troubleshooting - Installing 32-bit PhotoPlus on a 64-bit computer

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Applies to: PhotoPlus X6

PhotoPlus X6 automatically installs for 64-bit operation on 64-bit computers. Likewise, for 32-bit computers, PhotoPlus X6 installs as a 32-bit application. If you experience problems with 64-bit operation you can choose to manually install 32-bit PhotoPlus instead.

To install 32-bit PhotoPlus on a 64-bit computer (from DVD):
  1. Insert your DVD.
  2. Navigate to the root folder of your DVD, then double-click setup.exe.
  3. From the Setup dialog, choose your language from the drop-down list and enable the 32-Bit option.
  4. Click OK.

There will now be a PhotoPlus X6 (32-bit) shortcut on the Start Menu and/or Desktop that can be run.

To install 32-bit PhotoPlus on a 64-bit computer (from download):

  1. For Windows XP go to Start > Run, for Vista or above click in the Search box on the Start Menu
  2. Type %temp%
  3. Press Enter
  4. The user's Temporary folder will open
  5. Open the folder called PhotoPlus X6
  6. Double-click setup.exe
  7. Ensure that 32-bit (Install) is selected [Note: This is enabled by default if a 64-bit version has already been installed]
  8. Click OK