Troubleshooting - My tabs have gone! How do I get them back?

Serif Software > CraftArtist
Applies to: CraftArtist 1 and above.

Problem: In CraftArtist, the tabs around the workspace display as docked groups to the left, right and lower edges of the workspace. Some tabs are visible while others are hidden, and they can be collapsed, expanded, undocked and repositioned at any time.

As it's so easy to collapse the tabs, you may have accidentally clicked the Show/Hide arrow buttons as shown below:

 Content tabs (left)     Pages tab (lower edge)    Studio tabs (right)  





Resolution: Simply click the arrows halfway down on the left/right sides of the screen or in the lower centre as shown below:

Content tabs (left)    Pages tab (lower edge)  Studio tabs (right)




 If you notice that individual studio tabs, e.g. Colour or Layers, aren't displaying in their tab groups, you can make them visible again in a few clicks, simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the View menu at the top of your workspace, select Studio Tabs.
  2. With the flyout menu open, select the tab(s) that you want to be visible again from the tab list; the tab(s) will reappear in your tab groups, and will be checked if you return to the menu.