FAQ - Why won't my SPP/DPP file load in MoviePlus?

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Applies to: All MoviePlus versions.

SPP and DPP file formats are, respectively, PhotoPlus and DrawPlus project files which preserve project information while you are creating your image/drawing. Each time you open the files, you can carry on working where you left off last time.

To use your finished images/drawings in MoviePlus and other software, you have to export these project files to common image types. This process converts them to file formats such as JPEG, GIF or PNG so they can be recognised by other programs as well as being printed, shared, and uploaded online.

The export process is different to saving because it compresses the file and flattens your project (by removing layers).

To find out more about exporting, you can:

Note: When you export, the file you create can no longer be edited as a project in PhotoPlus or DrawPlus. It is recommended to save your original SPP or DPP file as your working file.