FAQ - I've downloaded a Digikit and can't find it. Where has it gone?

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Applies to: CraftArtist 1 and above.

The download process of your DaisyTrail.com Digikit has a bearing on how the Digikit is added to your computer. You may have seen a pop-up with options to Run or Save the Digikit on download. The former creates a temporary copy of the file until it has finished installing; the latter permanently stores the Digikit on your computer.

Note: Some browsers only have an option to Save.

If you clicked Run:

Using Run makes installation simple, without the need to save the downloaded file to a location. 

  • The Digikit will have been automatically downloaded and a Setup Wizard will have been run so you can install your Digikit.
  • When the Setup Wizard dialog appeared, following the instructions will have installed the Digikit to your computer.

    Tip: Avoid changing the install location during setup.

The Digikit will be available to you from CraftArtist's Digikit Browser or when choosing a template!

If you clicked Save:

Using Save, there are two stages to get Digikits working on your computer. This will have permanently saved the Digikit file to your computer in your My Downloads folder (or equivalent).

  • Navigate to your My Downloads folder and double-click the downloaded Digikit file to bring up the Setup Wizard, and then follow the steps to install.

The Digikit will be available to you from CraftArtist's Digikit Browser or when choosing a template!

Tip: If you click Save you also have the option of installing (by clicking Run) immediately after download.

If this isn't successful, you can run a search on your computer, using the search bar in your Windows Explorer pane. Type in a general part of the name of the Digikit, for example if you downloaded the Mother's Day Digikit, type in Mother.

If you don't manage to find your Digikit after following the steps above, you could try downloading it again from DaisyTrail.