FAQ - I've downloaded my Serif program but I can't find it. What can I do?

Serif Software
This article is now archived. Please visit the Locate your Serif product after it has downloaded article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

Applies to: All Serif products

Use the following procedures to easily locate your Serif software - via browser, Windows Explorer, or by searching.

From your Browser

If you can't find your downloaded program, the first thing to do is to check your Downloads folder via your browser.
  • For Internet Explorer 8/9: From the Tools menu, click View Downloads.
  • For Google Chrome: Click , then select Downloads from the drop-down list.
  • For  Mozilla Firefox: From the Tools menu, click Downloads.

TIP: For any browser, use Ctrl+J as a keyboard shortcut instead. 

If located, select Run to install. For example, for IE9:

From Windows Explorer

Alternatively, you can locate files by checking your download folder via Windows Explorer. This is likely to be a Downloads folder, the default location where web browsers will save downloaded files. (In the Windows Vista example below, we downloaded MoviePlus Starter Edition).

Equivalent folder locations you could also try navigating to are as follows:

  For Windows XP users: C:\documents and settings\<user>\appdata\downloads
  For Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<user>\Downloads

Where <user> is your Windows user name.  

Searching for your download

If your download still can't be found, you can run a search on your computer. All downloaded Serif programs have the prefix ESD in their file names which makes them easy to locate.

To search:

  • Open a Windows Explorer window, and type "ESD" directly into the search box.

If none of the above suggestions help you to locate your file, an alternative would be to re-download it. You can re-download your copy of the Serif software a limited number of times. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on the Serif website, and click Your Account (top right). Under My Orders at top right, click View Order History and locate the product you want to download again.
  2. Follow the download procedure described in How do I download and install free Serif Software (from Step 5). 

You may find when you click to download your program again, it will automatically point you to save in the location that you originally downloaded the software to. If this is the case, you can abort the download, navigate to the folder on your computer, and click on the program's icon to begin the installation process.