How To - Create and configure Smart objects in WebPlus

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Applies to: WebPlus X2 and above

Smart objects are interactive functions such as blogs, forums and hit counters that are hosted on Serif Web Resources, a server-based environment for handling and managing customer data. They can serve a variety of purposes and really help bring your website to life.

You can manage them either from WebPlus, or by logging into once the website is published. You can easily create a new account by completing this tutorial.

Creating Smart objects

Using the Smart objects can vary depending on what version of WebPlus you use. From the table below, look up the type of Smart Object against the WebPlus version you are using, then click on the appropriate tick box. You can follow the tutorial, Help topic, or User Guide for comprehensive assistance.






Active Viewer




















Hit Counter















Resource Booker 





Shout Box





User List





Creating, Editing and Managing Smart objects

To find out more about creating, editing, and managing Smart objects via Serif Web Resources, please consult the Smart objects Help, using the links to specific Smart objects.