How To - Crop an image to pixel

Serif Software > PhotoPlus
Applies to: All PhotoPlus versions.

Rather than crop to fixed print sizes, web designers typically want to create a web graphic of a fixed pixel height and width, e.g. for a vertical banner on their web page.

In PhotoPlus, this can be done easily by making and positioning a pixel-specific selection area on the image, then cropping to that area.

To make a selection:
  1. From the Tools toolbar, select the  Selection Tools flyout.
  2. Click  Rectangle Selection Tool.
  3. From the context toolbar above your image, select Fixed Size and your pixel dimension (W x H).

  4. Click on the page.
  5. Move the selection area into place by hovering over the selection area and dragging (alternatively, use the keyboard arrow keys to move).
To crop to that selection area:
  • From the Image menu, select Crop to Selection.

For more information, read the Help topic Making a selection.