FAQ - How do I create a cover for my Kindle ebook (.mobi)?

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Applies to: PagePlus X6

You can include a picture as a cover for your eBook and then publish the eBook as a .mobi file. Firstly, the picture needs to be created before starting the publishing process.

To create your cover picture:
  • You could export objects in your publication as a picture.
    - or -
    Use a separate photo editing program (e.g., Serif PhotoPlus) to design and export a cover.
    - or -
    Take a screenshot or scan your cover design.
Note 1: You should export your picture as a GIF, PNG, JPG, or SVG format only. 
Note 2: Your exported picture's file size is recommended not to exceed 127Kbytes.

To publish and include a picture as your eBook cover:
  1. Choose Publish As> from the File menu and select eBook... from the submenu.
  2. From the Publish as eBook dialog (Document Info menu option), either enter a path to a picture in the Cover field or use Browse... to locate the file.
  3. Click OK.

For more information about publishing ebooks, please read the PagePlus X6 help topic "Publishing as eBooks".