FAQ - How do I download and install free Serif software?

Serif Software

To download and install your free software:

  1. Go to serif.com.
  2. Click Free downloads at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Download Free Now for your chosen product.
  4. Enter an email address and login. You'll need to create a Serif account if you've not been a Serif customer before.
  5. Print out the "Download your free software" screen (or make a careful note of the key). You'll need the product key for later installation. You can retrieve your product keys at any time as described here.

  6. Click Download (above).
  7. Depending on your browser, you'll be asked to save the software to your computer's default Downloads folder and then install it.

    For IE9, at the bottom of your screen, click Save:

    To install, ensure the file is selected in the View downloads/Downloads dialog and click Run (or double-click). The software will then be installed.


    For Google Chrome, the download starts automatically, showing at the bottom of your browser window:

    To install, double-click on the file name.  


    For Mozilla Firefox, a dialog allows you to save the file. Click Save File.

    To install, go to your downloads folder and double-click on the file name.
  8. When prompted to reboot, select No. Selecting Yes will only install the Serif toolbar and NOT your free Serif software.
  9. Follow the instructions, entering the product key you kept safe previously.

Tip: At any time, select Ctrl-J to jump to your Downloads folder. If you saved the file to a non-default location, use Windows Explorer to navigate to that location, and double-click the file.

Lost your file? Please read the article "I've downloaded my Serif program and I can't find it. What can I do?".

Note: Downloads will take longer if you are using a dial-up connection.