How To - Use your existing domain name with - Using CNAME records

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This article is now archived. Please visit the Use an existing domain name with - CNAME records article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

If you've got email with your existing domain provider, you'll need to use CNAME records. This means you can manually select what records redirect to a different company.

You'll either need to create/change the CNAME records depending on your domain provider. This will make sure your DNS settings are still controlled by the original provider, meaning your email account(s) will be unaffected.

All you need to do is add/change the www. record to a CNAME record that points to your hosting subdomain. This is the address with at the end, i.e. Doing this means that website traffic will be redirected to your hosting. This is all done in the background so website visitors won't know they are being redirected.

Note: None of the other records should be changed unless specified by your domain provider.

To find out more about CNAME records, and how to edit them, click on your domain provider in the list below:

If you can't see your domain provider in the list, contact them directly for further information.