Troubleshooting - Problems with OpenType Fonts since December 11, 2012 - UPDATE

Serif Software

Applies to: All Serif products

Microsoft has become aware of problems with selected OpenType fonts since the release of a security update on December, 11 2012.

You may find that the following is affected:

  • Text with filter effects applied
  • Text with outlines/edges
  • PDFs where the text has been converted to outlines
The security update has now been re-released by Microsoft to fix the issues listed above.

As a result of this, we recommend the following workaround:

Run 'Check for Updates' within Windows to find and then install the new version of the update. Once installed, this issue should be resolved.
Note: If your text was affected before this update was originally released, this may not be the issue and we advise you to contact Serif Technical Support.                           

 See this article for more information: