FAQ - How can I make page numbers start on a page other than the first page?

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Applies to: All versions

When you've finished your publication and come to paginate it, you may decide that you don't want the page numbers to start on the first page, or first few pages. To do this, you need to tell PagePlus which page you want the page numbers to start at, using negative numbers.

For example, if your publication has a front page and contents page, you'll probably want page numbers to start on page 3. This would mean that you would need to enter a value of -1, so PagePlus will assign -1 to the first page and 0 to the second page. The third page will now have a page number of 1.  

When you've worked out the value you need, you'll need to update your publication's page number format. To do this, simply follow the steps below: 
  1. Open the Format menu at the top of the workspace and click Page Number Format.
  2. Uncheck the Continue from previous chapter box.
  3. Update the First page number field as required.
  4. Click OK.
 Pages Tab: Before Pages Tab: After 

Note: Negative numbers won't show on your pages, they will simply be displayed in the Pages tab for reference (see above). 

For more information about page numbering, you can: