FAQ - How can I add a picture to a text frame?

Serif Software > PagePlus
Applies to: PagePlus 11 and above

You may wish to place an image inline with the text in your publication, for example if you want a picture to sit within an article on your page. When you move the text frame, the picture will move with it which offers easier management and enables you to manipulate the objects on your page more easily.

To do this, simply follow the steps below:  
  1. Select Standard Text from the Tools toolbar on the left.
  2. Drag out on the page to place the text frame at your chosen dimensions
    - or -
    Click once to create the frame at a default size.
  3. With the frame selected, open the Insert menu and choose Picture > From File
    - or -
    From the Picture flyout on the Tools toolbar, click Import Picture.
  4. Navigate to your picture, select it and click Open.
  5. If the picture is too large for the frame, you'll see a message which asks if you want to shrink down your picture. Choose one of the following options:
    • Yes - PagePlus will shrink your picture so that it fits in the text frame
    • No - You will have to manually adjust the text frame so your picture will fit inside it
    • Cancel - This option allows you to place your picture anywhere on the page, as you would normally
  6. Your picture will be inserted in the text frame. When you click the frame to move it, you'll find the picture moves at the same time, however if you click on the picture instead, you'll be able to move the picture around inside the text frame.

You can anchor your pictures, and any other objects, to text to ensure that they are positioned correctly and move as desired. For more information, see Adding anchors to objects