Troubleshooting: I can't scan in 64-bit DrawPlus X6

Serif Software > DrawPlus > DrawPlus X6
Applies to: 64-bit DrawPlus X6 only

Issue: 64-bit DrawPlus X6 produces a "No Devices Found" message when accessing the TWAIN scanner via DrawPlus's Insert menu.

Reason: DrawPlus X6 does not support the 64-bit TWAIN scanning feature.

Workaround 1: We recommend using the supporting scanning software supplied with your scanner. In DrawPlus, open your scanned image directly from the Startup Wizard, from the Standard toolbar during your session, or use Insert Picture from the Drawing toolbar.

Or, if you don't like using the supplied scanning software or are experiencing problems with it, use Workaround 2.

Workaround 2: Install the 32-bit version of DrawPlus via setup.exe (from your install folder), then select Insert>Picture>TWAIN>Select Source, then Acquire from the same submenu. See Importing scanner images.