Troubleshooting: Withdrawal of Twitter Widget feature.

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This article is now archived. Please visit the Withdrawal of Twitter Widget Feature article on CommunityPlus for an updated version.

Applies to: WebPlus X6.

WebPlus X6 has the ability to add widgets for various social media sites, including Twitter. The Twitter widgets available are:
  • follow button
  • tweet button
  • profile feed
  • favourites feed
  • list feed
  • search feed
These widgets were originally implemented by Twitter and were integrated by Serif into the WebPlus application.

Twitter have decided to stop supporting the feed widgets (profile feed, favourites feed, list feed and search feed) in order to reduce the load on their servers. They are providing a new feature to replace these widgets, known as Embedded Timelines.

Note: The follow button and tweet button are unaffected by this change.

At some unspecified time in the future, Twitter will turn off support for the feed widgets. Any widgets of this type in use on your website will stop working. Therefore, if you are using these feed widgets, you should take action to replace them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this automatically within WebPlus. Instead, you must log in to your Twitter account and create the widgets there. You will be able to configure various options associated with the widget. The Twitter site will then provide you with a piece of code which can be copied and pasted into WebPlus as an HTML Fragment to add the widget to your web site.

Information on how to create the new widgets can be found here: