Troubleshooting - Some of my files don't appear in the Explorer or Media pane

Serif Software > MoviePlus

Applies to: MoviePlus 4, 5, X3, X5, X6

Problem: When trying to import files via the Explorer or Media pane, some of your files don't appear.


Resolution: MoviePlus supports a specific set of file types by default. If your files are of a type that does not appear in the default list then you can add your file types to the list by following these instructions.

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options
  2. On the File Types tab,  click Add
  3. In the Add Media Type dialog, type the file extension of your file(s). For example if your missing file was called video.ext then you should type "ext" (without the quotes)
  4. Press OK
  5. Press OK on the Options dialog