The new Community BETA is here!

Here are just some of the benefits ...

Immediate answers

Type a question and CommunityPlus instantly suggests an answer or our dedicated experts will be on hand to help.

Help users like you

Any Community user can log in and answer questions based on their own experiences.

Expert learning resources

Loads of great video tutorials, tips, tricks and written tutorials are all included in CommunityPlus.

Earn your PlusPoints

Submit top-quality questions and answers and other users can reward you with “PlusPoints” helping build your reputation in the community.

Create your own identity

Create your own CommunityPlus profile complete with avatar and show off your latest reviews and “PlusPoints”

Worldwide customer services

Access a world of customer service information with ease including ordering information, account help and more.

And many more easy-to-use features!

So visit the brand new CommunityPlus today?