Troubleshooting - WebPlus X4 is registered but I have not received the Bonus Content Pack email

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Applies to: WebPlus X4

Problem: The Registration Wizard in WebPlus X4 says that the program is registered and that you will receive an email with details on how to download the Bonus Content Pack, but your email has not arrived.

There are three possible causes for this:
  1. The email has been delayed or incorrectly marked as Spam.
  2. You have recently registered another Serif product on your computer, so WebPlus X4 may have automatically registered itself.
  3. There was a database error when you registered so there is not a valid registration record on your customer account.
Resolution 1: It can sometimes take up to 48 hours for the email to arrive. Please ensure you have waited at least this long after registering WebPlus X4 to see if the email arrives.

Resolution 2:
Check your email account's Junk/Spam folder to see if the email was mistakenly moved by your email filters.

Resolution 3: If WebPlus X4 registered itself automatically or there was a database problem when you registered, you can re-register by following the steps below.

Note: You must have the latest patch (12.0.1 or higher) installed for re-registration to be available.

You will need an active Internet connection to complete the re-registration form.

  1. In WebPlus X4, go to Help > Registration Wizard
  2. Press the Re-register button
  3. Complete the Online Registration form
  4. Wait up to 48 hours for the email to arrive

Resolution 4: If you have completed the steps in Resolution 3 and still not received the Bonus Content Pack email, submit a new ticket to Customer Service with all of the below information so that we can manually resolve the situation if possible:
  • Your full name
  • Your customer reference number starting with X (if you know it)
  • The email address on your Serif customer account
  • The Marketing Code at the bottom of the Help > Registration Wizard window
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